Thank you for joining us on our Shalom Israel Tour 2015!

 感謝您參加我們的2015 “平安以色列” 旅行!







"This trip was great! I enjoyed the Sea of Galilee boat ride and touring the Old City the most. I also enjoyed all the biblical teachings and learning about Jewish culture and how it relates to the Bible. It taught me a lot of background to the Bible that I'd never heard before but is really important to understand the Bible." (Nicole E.)


"这次以色列游,给我的震撼和感动,对我来说从来没有。非常感谢你们对这次旅行的精心安排和策划!特别是在一个晚上的祷告会,当初我以为是一个一般的仪式,没有想到你们准备的那么好,有唱诗歌的、有跳舞的、有弹琴的,那场景令我很感动!在耶稣的空坟墓附近,你们准备的受圣餐仪式也很好,难怪其它游客都跟我们在那里一起唱歌赞美神。另外,你们组织的研讨会,也使我对以色列和当前的宗教形势有清晰的认识和观念的转变。" (Sally H.)


"The Hephzibah tour 2015 was delightful and so loaded with information. I traveled 5000 years back! Hannah 's knowledge is awesome. Jerusalem is such a grand and spiritual site. I thank the many people who organized such a beautiful and very reverent tour. The people in the group were so special, and everyone participated with such fervor and good spirit." (Maria M.)


". . . 除了可以更瞭解聖經,也讓我意識到思考的重要性,我是那種地理知識匱乏,不太善於思考的一類人,經常看聖經都是只看故事,但通過這次的以色列之行,真的得著非常多,是無法用語言和文字來形容,讓我更注重思考,原本每次看聖經中的地名也都是掠過 的,現在因為對整體的方位有了個大概的印象,因此聖經真的立體起來了,對於不認識的地方也有想要去查考其所在的位置和曾經發生過的事的意向,感覺聖經也打開了。勵兄弟姐妹們,不要認為這只是一次簡單的旅行,試著踏上這片土地,相信會改變你生命,神是信實的,你若願意,他就為你開路,因為他喜悅你!"  (Chun-Mei Y.)


"The tour was really eye-opening. We may try it again in a few years.  I think the detail and the knowledge of Hanna was remarkable, and it brought a lot of the Old and New Testament together and made my understanding of the Bible more complete." (Richard T.)


"God has been blessing us and been with us all the way up to now! Hanna is an excellent teacher and tour guide. All the coworkers planned and took care of all the team members very well. We were impressed by the united hearts in the Lord. All the hotels and food were very good. The study seminars were very good. We still need to digest all the teachings and new things we have learned." (Robert & Joan L.)



"I got to go to some new places that I've never been before and was able to unite again with sisters and brothers in Yeshua from Israel, USA, Taiwan, and Japan. It was an opportunity to learn how to live and love each other in harmony and unity as I saw with my own eyes the current situation in Israel. I was blessed to have some special quiet time with the Lord in the Holy Land and at holy places like the Wailing Wall." (Michelle D.)


"Hanna was great, but it was a bit information overload for me since I wasn't feeling too well with the hot weather in the beginning of the trip. It might be helpful to advise the participants to read up the specific section of Bible for the places that we will be visiting." (Jean Y.)


"以色列旅行期間很多人說的話都影響著我,例如『了解神的設計,照著神的旨意行,就會被祝福。』,認識神之前我拜的偶像是「功成名就」。這些是若沒有來這趟以色列住棚節聖經學習之旅不可能學習到的,若沒有來這趟,我可能仍在信心低落中甚至已經遠離神了。" (Shu-Ming K.)


"Praise our Lord that His grace is with us all the way through...till the day we see Him. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to see the Holy Land and experience how sound and true God's promises and prophecies are. There is so much to learn..." (Christina L.)

"我在以色列時,最感動的就是:在24小時禱告敬拜中心 (Succat Hallel) 敬拜時,有人為我禱告說:聖靈會充滿我,長大以後神會大大的使用我。其次是在加利利海邊受洗的時候,牧師問我說,「欣甲,妳愛不愛耶穌?」我說,「愛!」我站在海邊。我很感謝神,能帶我去以色列!我很想再回到以色列,因為以色列是我的家!" (Shinka E., 7歲)



"感謝主,這次帶我們去以色列!我印象最深刻的是:(一) 我們去錫安之友 (Friends of Zion), 讓我非常感動的就是:有一個女護士騎著自行車,到猶太人的家,

把猶太人的小孩子送到安全的地方,等到危險過去。(二) 去「大屠殺紀念館」的時候,我看見有一些樹的下面有牌子,上面有名字。原來那些樹都是要記念那些曾經幫助過猶太人的人。

我學到了:當猶太人或者是其他人有需要,有困難的時候,我們都要幫助他們。這是我第一次去以色列。" (Sachiko E., 9歲)




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