Hephzibah Global Ministry is an nonprofit international ministry that was founded on the eternal truths of the Bible and the calling of the Great Commission. We are passionate about going back to the roots of our Christian faith, learning through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and living our lives according to God's Word. We are committed to extending the love and teaching of our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) to people around the world, starting with our own communities.


『神喜悅我』全球國度事奉中心, 是一個建基於相信全本聖經永恆不變的真理,和回應主耶穌大使命呼召的非牟利國際事工。我們的熱情是在於回歸基督信仰的根基,順服聖靈的教導訓誨,謙卑學習,並按照神的話語過分別為聖的生活。我們致力傳揚救主耶穌基督的愛和祂的教導,從我們周圍開始,直到世界各地。

Hephzibah Global Ministry is devoted to strengthening believers in their understanding of God's Word and encouraging their personal walks of faith in a global context. We seek to look beyond the established traditions and doctrines of the modern church by returning to the roots of our faith and diligently studying the Bible within its original historical frame. With the intention of living joyfully in truth and love, we strive to build a healthy community that passionately follows their Messiah, understands their identity in Christ, and has a heart for God's people, the lost sheep of Israel


『神喜悅我』全球國度事奉中心, 致力於幫助信徒對神話語有正確的理解,在他們個人跟隨神的信心道路上鼓勵他們。我們力求藉著歸回基督信仰的根源, 專注在聖經原有的歷史架構內學習神的話,順服真理, 活出真正屬神兒女的平安喜樂,來分辨現代教會中與原有信仰根源斷絕的“教義”和人為的“傳統”。我們竭力要建立一個熱情跟隨彌賽亞(基督),明白自己在基督裡的身份,並關懷神的子民——以色列家迷失的羊的團隊。


Hephzibah Global Ministry aims to bring the Good News to people around the world, bringing them back into a covenant relationship with their Creator God and back to the roots of our faith through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the power of God's Holy Word, and the love of Yeshua made accessible through our website, our Israel tours, and our weekly fellowship.


『神喜悅我』全球國度事奉中心的異象是在切盼主耶穌再來之前夕, 竭力將福音傳到全世界,單單倚靠聖靈,主耶穌十架的愛和神聖言的力量;通過網站免費提供各樣資源;每年九、十月間舉辦耶和華的節期——住棚節聖地學習之旅; 並每週的團隊敬拜讚美, 學習聖經聚會。幫助聖徒真正認識與我們造物主,救贖主—三一神之間的「立約」關係,回到基督信仰永恆不變的根源中。


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